Smart, Resilient power delivery systems.
Below are some applications of our Solar-plus-Storage solutions.

  • Energy Arbitrage: the peak management practice of generating and storing power during off-peak times, and then utilizing that stored power during periods when electricity prices are the highest.
  • Demand Charge Management: for non-TOU users, “Demand” is calculated across a short time frame (often 15 minutes) during which overall usage is tracked and averaged. If the demand is based on a high usage period, for example, while you are running an electric dryer, your demand penalty may be artificially high. Peak shaving is the ability to control your usage from the grid during intervals of high demand in order to limit or reduce demand penalties for the billing period.
  • Frequency Regulation: maintains the stability and accuracy of the grid-wide alternating current (AC) frequency. Voltage Protection shields your electronic equipment & appliances at home from the voltage spikes of the grid power supply.
  • Aggregating the power generated by your residential community gets you closer and closer to self-sustainability, which delivers unparalleled cost savings on electricity expenses.
  • Closed Loop System: Solar energy system owners are able to maximize cost savings through the ‘intelligent’ reallocation of excess solar power generated & stored in the centralized battery reservoirs to Subscribing households within the community.
  • Black Start: restoring electric power during power outages without relying on any external electric power transmission networks (i.e. your utility company).
  • Power Quality: ensures that your high-quality power requirements are met in a digital economy, in which the proliferation of sensitive electronic equipment and microprocessor-based controls are accounted for.
  • Renewable Energy Capacity Firming: often referred to as ‘smoothing’, Capacity Firming balances variation in power generation using Energy Storage.
  • Power Reliability: providing an ample supply of energy to Subscribers at all times, with no compromise.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Support: utilizes Solar-plus-Storage systems to charge Electric Vehicles at home.
  • Peak Load Congestion Relief: minimizing the excess power requirements of your districts & locales in order to avoid the use of highly-polluting and inefficient gas peakers at the power plant closest to you, and also reduces the pressure on the transmission & distribution infrastructure (grid power cables) surrounding you – thus keeping you safer.


The GXG Residential Box

With our proprietary smart panel, Homeowners have one of the smallest, smartest, and most advanced residential Solar systems.

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