GXG ENERGY provides a unique service to Subscribers that delivers considerable financial savings relative to the conventional electric utility monthly bills. Moreover, GXG solutions provide a several advantages including frequency & voltage regulation, peak hour shifting, peak soothing, power quality, as well as power security throughout outages. Needless to mention the environmental impact of a significantly lower carbon footprint for Subscribing households.

Our rates are fixed for 20 years. We only adjust them annually to interest rate & inflation.

By aggregating the power of residential communities, we are able to combine the benefits of utility-scale installations, with the benefit of customizing residential rooftop installations to meet individual energy demands. The advanced centralized Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) guarantees the most efficient balance of Solar power GENERATION, & GRID energy consumption, hence our name, G-X-G. 

Our experienced team of legal and tax professionals at GXG is able to tailor the most tax-efficient structures. We fully leverage the potential of the available tax incentives schemes. Accordingly, the structures reciprocate the savings back towards our Subscriber’s bottom-line.

We invite you to experience a demonstration of your cost savings through our ENERGYSCANNER platform on the GXG AI website at 


For a personalized consultation, please contact our Subscriber Success Team by phone or by email:

Toll-free: 1-833-CallGXG  |  (1-800-225-5494)