Our Guarantee,

We guarantee that you will save money on your monthly electricity expenses. Net Net.

How? We charge NO upfront. We DO however charge for the Solar energy generated by the Subscribing households and deposited into the community’s centralized Energy Storage System.

We guarantee that the electricity bill you regularly receive from your electric utility company decreases significantly.
Significantly enough that you come out on top paying off for your grid power (ELECTRIC UTILITY Bill), as well as for your solar power (GXG GREEN Bill).

You will receive 2 monthly bills after enrollment:

  1. The usual electricity bill you regularly receive from the utility company
  2. A new GXG GREEN Bill

With Zero Escalators, our prices are fixed for 20 years. We only adjust them annually to interest rate & inflation.

We invite you to explore the several additional benefits of “Going Solar” throughout our website, including power security, power quality, as well as the environmental impact.

To find out how much you will save, please give our Subscriber Success Team a call or send us an email as follows:

Toll-fee: 1-833-CALLGXG  | 1-833-225-5494