GXG ENERGY specializes in providing Solar Power Generation & Energy Storage Solutions to qualifying Residential Communities.

We provide a simple service.

An individual Solar Power generation system to each household rooftop.

A centralized Advanced Energy Storage System to subscribing residential communities.

A resilient power supply.

GXG ENERGY combines the benefits of utility-scale Solar generation and Energy Storage, with a catered approach to the Subscribers’ household specific energy demand.

  • We finance all the capital costs. No upfront investment. Pay as you go, i.e. pay as you generate your own Solar power.
  • Everything we do is fully customized to match our Subscribers’ exacting needs. There’s nothing off the shelf here. Subscribers always get the very best and latest technologies.
  • Aggregating the power generated by your residential community gets you closer and closer to self-sustainability, which delivers unparalleled cost savings on electricity expenses.
  • Fully renewable power generation, that is powered by the sun.
  • We keep an eye for aesthetics; with unique slim-line bespoke rooftop PV Solar installations.
  • Centralized Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS) offer great value for money, and operate at high levels of efficiency by aggregating the full potential of a community’s power generation capacity.
  • Artificial Intelligence software to optimize your electricity consumption, and minimize your utility bill expenses, including APP-based dashboards.
  • Power security during outages, including Black Start to keep the electric flow going, as well as voltage regulation that protects your electronic equipment at home.
  • We do everything. The financing package, comprehensive design, permitting, installation of equipment including all necessary infrastructure connectivity, operation & maintenance, and finally claiming the tax rebates and tax credits from federal & state authorities.
  • Due to the nature of our clustered projects, we are able to offer unrivaled 24/7 customer support including rapid dispatch teams in case of faults or emergencies.
  • This is a Community Choice program. There is no obligation for the residents to opt-in.